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Financial Training

Finance and Accounting Training from the Bizhotline improves your skills If you want to expand your knowledge of the world of Finance and Accounting, these videos and CD's can help  improve your financial skills.

Perfect for corporate managers.

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Budgeting and Financial Management Training Video and CD Courses

ballBudgeting: Creating and Analyzing a Budget - Learn the purpose of budgeting, the types of budgets, and the elements of a successful budget

ballBudgeting: Operating and Manufacturing Budgets - Covers terms and practices unique to operating and manufacturing budgets

ballBudgeting: Capital Budgeting -Covers capital budgeting basics, methods for discounting cash flows, and how discount rates are determined

ballBusiness Finance: Risk Analysis - Learn to identify, calculate, and assess both individual investments and investment portfolios

ball Business Finance: Time Value of Money: Calculate values of individual cash flows, ordinary annuities, annuities due, perpetuities, and investments with uneven cash flows

ball Business Finance: Valuation of Stocks and Bonds -Gain information needed to evaluate and invest in various stocks and bonds

ballBusiness Accounting: Accounting for Assets - Learn characteristics of current assets, long-term assets, intangible assets, and natural resources

ball Business Accounting: Accounting for Liabilities - Learn about the types of liabilities a company may accrue, how to manage those liabilities, and how to calculate the time value of money

ballBusiness Accounting: Accounting for Stockholders Equity -  An overview of the information contained in a company's statement of stockholders' equity and in the stockholders' equity portion of the balance sheet

ball Financial Statements: Financial Statements Analysis -Learn to create a balance sheet and income statement, and how to combat budgeting variances

ballFinancial Statements: Reading and Analyzing an Annual Report - Learn why it is important to create, analyze, and comprehend annual reports

ballFinancial Statements: Analyzing Cash Flows -  An overview of accounting methods, the statement of cash flows, stock, and financial ratios


ballFinancial Management: Budgeting Essentials
Create and enforce a budget by analyzing financial statements, setting objectives, and monitoring performance.

ballFinancial Management: Fundamental Accounting Concepts
Learn basic concepts, terms and accounting tools

ballFinancial Management: Analyzing Financial Statements
Learn about the various tools available for analyzing financial statements.

ballFinancial Management: Cash Analysis and Management
Learn to prepare a bank reconciliation and a Cash Flow Statement

ballFinancial Management: Inventory Costing and Depreciation
Learn to calculate inventory value and depreciation, use accounting methods when reporting financial information on financial statements.

ballFinancial Management: Understanding Financial Statements
Learn the uses of income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and stockholders equitystatement

ballPractical Budgeting Skills for Managers
One-source training to build your budgeting know-how


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